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When Timing Matters...

Focusing on three market segments, Aero/Defense, Internet Infrastructure and instrumentation, MtronPTI designs and manufactures customized electronic components used primarily to control frequency or timing of electronic signals. These components include crystal oscillators, RF power amplifiers and RF to millimeter wave filters. MtronPTI products are typically high-end devices and often custom designed for the specific application.

Precision oscillators are used for data timing in Internet and mobile infrastructure to ensure reliability and high data rates. Avionic, military and civilian radios use MtronPTI RF and microwave filters to keep connections open under adverse environments including extreme temperature. Satellite terminals and phased array radars depend on shock and vibration resistant oscillators to provide the Internet to commercial airline passengers and clear tactical images to military pilots.

Satellite links, phased array radars and anti-IED jammers use MtronPTI RF power amplifiers to boost the signal to the antenna. On the lab bench or consumer electronics production test floors, MtronPTI ultra low noise reference oscillators ensure accurate measurements.

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